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How it Works

This is easiest and cheapest way to get refill of your regular maintenance medications. For your safety we will need important vital information about you, your condition and medications. We may ask you for more information but it is all for your safety. Also you can communicate with us very easily via text or email any time. Additionally you or us may ask to have a Telemedicine visit for better care or for a new prescription like antibiotic or medication for acute conditions like flu, covid, fungal infection or gout etc.


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What is required

For conditions like diabetes and hypertension we expect you to monitor your blood sugars by accucheck and take your blood pressure at home and send your readings to us via text, email or whatsapp.

Similarly we may ask you to take your weight or spirometry findings or a picture of the lesion send to us. All this excercise is to provide medical services and care to you.

The Process

Your Medical Provider is licensed health care provider with over 50 years of experience in medical practice in various medical fields.

We will send your prescriptions to your pharmacy via online link we have with all pharmacies.

In some cases we may have to talk to them to get it completed.

We will try to complete it within 4 hours but surely within 24 hrs depending upon our concerns about medications.

We will answer and explain about your health and medications related questions.


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Exceptions : Not possible refills

Federal and State laws do not all prescriptions of controlled medication.

Some main examples are opiates ( eg Lortab, Percocet) , Benzodiazepine ( Klonopin, Valium, Xanax).

But that list can be checked online. Check here

About Us

Dr P K Garg

Dr. P. K. Garg


Has over 50 years of experience in the field of medicine. A pioneer in providing affordable quality care and telemedicine. He worked in various hospitals in India, England and Ireland, before finally settling down in Florida, USA. Since the past 25 years, he has been practicing Family Medicine and Emergency Medicine.

Dr Anju Garg

Dr. Anju Garg


Received her medical degree in Medicine & Surgery, Diploma in Obstretrics & Gynecology in India. She practiced in Ireland in Ob/Gyne before coming to USA. Her areas of special interest are women’s health issues, Ggynecology, and Ppediatrics. Dr. Anju became Board Certified in Family Practice in 1996 & working as Family Practice in Pensacola and Milton Florida areas.